Brandon Romo  |  Designer

Brandon Romo is a graphic designer, website planner, social media manager, freelance artist, brand developer extraordinaire. Or so he thinks. He graduated in 2015 from Brown University with a bachelor's degree in Modern Culture and Media. Currently, Brandon works as the Marketing Coordinator at Taris Real Estate, where he oversees the firm's marketing proposals, advertising campaigns, development branding, and online presence. Before joining Taris, he interned to the Creative Director for Luna Pharmaceuticals and also worked as the creative lead on a number of independent projects.

In his spare time, Brandon is hugely interested in 3D animation and video games, devoting much of his time to designing and modeling original characters. His "King Bebe" character, the focus of his senior project and the star of his first independent animation, represents months of hard work and struggle, but is ultimately a success and a strong indicator of things to come.