Web Design Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a website?

The short answer is: Yes! The long answer is: Probably.
The digital revolution is rapidly changing how we interact in our daily lives. Most potential customers will gain information about a new business online before trying it out - looking up restaurant reviews, checking if an item is in stock, or simply finding a phone number to call. Thus, having a strong online presence is crucial to gaining and retaining new customers.

I already have a website. How do I know if it: is effective? is up-to-date or outdated? needs a redesign?

First, ask yourself, what is the purpose of my website? I.e. "Brandonromo.com is my online portfolio for web design, 2D & graphic design, and 3D and animation." If you can't answer that question in a short and clear manner, your website may need to be revised. Second, look at websites for similar businesses to yours. Web design rapidly changes, and if you notice other sites all have a popular new feature or design, your website might be outdated and need an overhaul.

I want a website or a redesign. What do you offer?

I offer custom web design services to small businesses and individual clients utilizing Squarespace's web templates. If you are unfamiliar with Squarespace, please visit www.squarespace.com to learn more. Squarespace's user-friendly web templates streamline the process for creating a website by removing the need for coding and computer science skills. However, web design is much more than just coding, and that's where I come in. I layout your website in a logical and intuitive structure, get it up and running and ensure there are no technical errors, and provide comprehensive branding and logo design services so that your website truly stands out.

I'm interested, but I don't know what my website needs. How can I learn more?

Check below for a more thorough breakdown of all my services and why they are important for your website. Or, get in touch! Use the contact information at the bottom of the page if your question is not covered.

What is the site layout?

This is the main structural component of your website, and will determine how it functions overall. I choose a template based on the needs of your site, layout all web pages and content, and troubleshoot to ensure all pages function properly on all devices.

Why is good site navigation important?

Before your site can be built, it needs to be planned out and organized. Good site navigation ensures that viewers on your site can easily and intuitively access the content that they want to see.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the practice of modifying your content so as to be better picked up by search engines such as Google when potential customers search for relevant content. The more relevant the content on your site, the higher up your company is in the results list. SEO is important for attracting new customers to your site who would have otherwise not heard of your company.

What is responsive design?

Most people access the internet through a mix of computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. Responsive design reformats your site to be viewable on any device, so no matter how your site is accessed it will still function properly and without errors.

What is content? What do you create?

Content is all of the textual information of your site. Articles, mission statements, this FAQ - all of these fall under the category of content. When making your site, I can either write content, which I will then send to you for your approval, or edit any existing content you may already have and integrate it into the site.

What is branding? Does my company need a brand?

A brand is not what you are, it's how your customers perceive you to be. Because branding is based on perception, it is important to have a strong and unified brand identity for your company to convey your company goals properly, stand out from companies with similar services, and ultimately attract the right types of customers

What is included in logo design?

I offer a comprehensive logo design service, including a main company logo; variations for print such as documents, business cards, letters, etc.; and favicons and other web-specific logos. A logo is the most iconic part of your brand image and sticks in customers' minds more than anything else, making your company instantly recognizable wherever your logo appears.

Why do I need images?

Over 70% of Americans identify as visual learners. Most customers would rather see the product they want to buy first rather than read a long summary of its features. A strong set of imagery will entice customers into exploring your website further, and potentially convince them to purchase a product they didn't know they wanted.

What filming services do you offer? Why are they important?

I can film and edit short videos ( <2 minutes in length), and integrate those videos onto your site. Just like images, videos stand out visually and offer an even more interactive and enjoyable experience while viewers are on your site.

Will I be able to edit/update my site after it is completed?

Yes, I offer a short, 1 hour training service after the site has been completed to show you how to manage your site and update its content over time.